Email Support

To install IceWarp Outlook Sync successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the latest IceWarp Outlook Sync installer. In the case you have any previous version installed, you will be offered to Update/Uninstall it. Perform upgrade (wizard will guide you).
  2. NOTE: There are two types of installation files available. The .msi file and .exe one. Use the .exe file for usual client-based installations and .msi one for mass installations launched from a server.

  3. On the Welcome page, select the installation and IceWarp Outlook Sync language and click the Next button.
  4. On the Application license page, tick the I accept the license agreement box and click Next.
  5. On the Outlook Sync Advanced Setup page, the installer detects the version of MS Outlook you use. (In the case you obtain any error message, contact your administrator. But, it is highly probable the detected version will be correct.)

    From the Installation type list, select the appropriate option. For more information on installation types (modes), refer to the Installation Pre-requisites - Installation Mode section.

    Click Next.
  6. In the case the installer detects any required prerequisites missing, their list is shown on the Prerequisites page. Click the Install button. (Message is shown.)

    These prerequisites are included in the installation package - you do not need to look for them anywhere.
  7. NOTE: If you already have all items installed, this page is not shown.

  8. On the SmartDiscover page, fill in the Email address, Password and Profile name fields and click Next. The installer will obtain all information needed from the server.
  9. On the Outlook Profile page, fill in the Profile name, your Email address and Display name fields. Click Next.
  10. On the Incoming server page, enter your Username, Password and email server Hostname (or IP address).

    By default, the Port number is 143.

    Select Unsecured line
  11. To test the entered values, you can click the Test settings button. The positive answer is desirable.

    Click OK then Next.

  12. On the Outgoing server page, if the same server is used for outgoing emails, tick the Use same as incoming box. For Port numbers, see lower.

    In the case of a different server, enter your Username, Password and email server Hostname (or IP address).

    The Port number is 587.

    Select Unsecured line
  13. To test the entered values, you can click the Test settings button. The positive answer is desirable.

    Click OK then Next.

  14. On the Select installation folder page, the default installation folder is shown. If you want to change it, click the Select button and browse for the wished location. Click Next.
  15. On the Installation in progress page, wait for the Installation finished message and click Next.
  16. On the Installation summary page, click the Finish button to complete the installation.
  17. The Inbox - Microsoft Outlook will be opened, an Activation Key for Outlook Sync email will be sent to the Inbox.
  18. Click on the Add-Ins menu, then click Settings tool. The IceWarp Outlook Sync Settings is opened, then click on Synchronization tab. Make sure the Sent option is selected.
  19. On the IceWarp Outlook Sync Settings window, click on License and updates tab, then click on Open license dialog button. The License window is opened, the click on the Online Activation tab. Make sure the Activation Key is filled in as the same with Activation Key sent to the email, if not Copy and Paste the key then click on Activate License button.
  20. Click on the File menu, then click Info tab, then click on Account Settings button.
  21. The Account Settings window is opened, then click on E-mail tab. Click on the account email to select it, then click on Change... button.
  22. The Change Account window is opened, then click on More Settings... button.
  23. The Internet E-mail Settings window is opened, then click on Outgoing Server tab. Make sure User Name and Password fields are filled.
  24. On the Internet E-mail Settings window, click on Advanced tab. Make sure the Use the following type of encrypted connection is selected None.
  25. Click OK and wait for the Outlook apply the changes, then the Congratulations! message is opened. Click Finish.